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Defying the Odds

Categories: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Rating: PG-13 / R/NC-17
Content Warning: Adult Themes, Mild Profanity, Strong Sexual Content (choice of scenes with milder sexual content available, follow the appropriate links in the fanfic)
Spoilers: Original Stargate movie, Children of the Gods, Singularity, In the Line of Duty, Need, Secrets, Holiday, Forever in a Day, Past and Present, Maternal Instinct, The Curse
Summary: In this AU of Forever in a Day, the tragic occurrences in that tent on Abydos happen very differently, leading to events that have a profound impact on SG-1 and the lives of Daniel and Sam.
Author's Notes: This story is quite different in some ways from my usual Daniel/Sam fanfic.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to read any notes at the end of the chapters regarding the differences in the events of this universe's Forever in a Day.

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5

Chapter 6    Chapter 7    Chapter 8    Chapter 9    Chapter 10

Chapter 11    Chapter 12    Chapter 13    Chapter 14    Chapter 15

Chapter 16    More to Come. . .

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