Soul Mates: Daniel & Sam
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Welcome to Soul Mates: Daniel & Sam. This area of is where you will find my Daniel/Sam Ship fan fiction. All stories here feature Daniel and Sam as a pair or a potential pair.

So, why do I ship Daniel and Sam as opposed to the more popular Stargate SG-1 pairings? In my opinion, it's the pairing that makes the most sense and would have the best chance of surviving long-term. I believe that for a relationship to be happy, healthy and long-lasting, it needs five things: love, friendship, compatibility, good communication, and mutual respect.

Daniel and Sam have a close friendship that has stood the test of time, never wavering. They get along very well together, the similarities in their personalities, their mutual passion for their fields of interest, and their brilliant minds combining to form a relationship that is rarely contentious and often enables them to be completely in tune with each other, yet they are different enough that they'd never get bored with each other. They share a deep, mutual respect and have each been the confidant of the other. Communication is never a problem . . . even if each of them does sometimes say things that the other doesn't understand. All of these things would form a strong foundation upon which to build a romantic relationship that could last a lifetime.

I welcome you to read the fanfics here and see how, in my imagination, a romantic relationship between Daniel and Sam could be. I hope you will enjoy the stories I have created.

Maureen Thayer
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