Stargate Horizons
Daniel: 8 Years
Eight years in the life of Daniel Jackson. Contains scenes from Season 8. This is my first attempt at creating a music video, but don't let that stop you from watching it as it came out pretty decently.  It sure did take long enough to do.

Running Time: 3:46
Dimensions: 320x240 (A larger version is available upon request.)
Format: .wmv (Windows Media Player)

Low Resolution (2.77 MB) (not recommended)
Medium Resolution (6.16 MB)
High Resolution (14.06 MB)

Included for Your Viewing Pleasure . . .

Clips from Stargate SG-1 Director's Series: "Revisions"
Clips of Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Chris Judge talking with director Martin Wood about the episode. I would so love to see these three together at a convention.

Running Time: 3:18
File Size: 3.65 MB
Format: .wmv (Windows Media Player)

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