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Hazily, Daniel awoke from sleep.  All the memories of what happened last night filled his mind, and he smiled.  He opened his eyes and looked at the woman lying naked in his arms.  He could not help but think about the last time he awoke to find himself in bed with her.  This time was oh so very different.  He had absolutely no intention of leaving this bed any time soon.  In fact. . . .

Slowly, Daniel began stroking Egeria's body, first her back, then moving to her front.  He started teasing her nipple, smiling again as she moaned in her sleep and arched into his hand.  His fingers then slid down her body to the thatch of hair between her thighs.  With a gasp, Egeria awoke.

"Hello," Daniel greeted in a low-pitched voice.

Egeria stared at his face, uncertainty and a touch of fear in her eyes.

Now concerned, Daniel asked, "Egeria, what's wrong."

"Is this a dream?"

Daniel cupped her face and took her mouth in a deep, possessive kiss, pouring all his love and passion into it.  She clung to him, returning the kiss in full measure.

"Did that feel like a dream?" he asked.  Egeria answered by pulling his mouth back down to hers.

Once their lips had separated, Daniel searched Egeria's eyes.  "Did it hurt last night?  I tried to go slow, but—"

Egeria halted his words with her fingers on his lips.

"It hurt only a little, Daniel, and only for a moment.  It was nothing compared to the pleasure and joy you gave to me.  I did not want you to make love to me slowly.  My hunger for you was too great."  She wrapped a leg high around his waist and rubbed herself against him.  The tone of her voice dropped.  "It still is."

His own passion blazing brightly again, Daniel yanked her mouth back to his.  He rolled onto his back, pulling her upward to lie upon him.  Their lips separated, and Egeria began sliding downward, peppering his body with kisses, driving him insane with her tongue.  When she got to his stomach, a quiver ran through him, his breath catching.  Then one of her hands descended to the place below her mouth and began to stroke him.

"Oh, God," Daniel moaned, starting to pant.  His hands clutched at her thighs, and he bucked upwards.

Egeria lifted her head and met his hot gaze.  Seeing the pleasure on his flushed face, the desire burning so brightly in his eyes, she was suddenly flooded with overpowering need.  She sat up, aligned herself, and sank down onto him, wrenching a low groan from his lips.

Going slow never entered Egeria's mind as she began to move, hands pressed against his chest, lips parted with gasps and little cries.  Grasping her waist, Daniel braced his feet and began to thrust up into her, his eyes filled with the sight of her beautiful form rising and falling above him.

Soon, they were barreling uncontrollably toward climax, their movements fast and powerful.  It struck them simultaneously, hurtling them into orbit.

As it ended, Daniel pulled Egeria down to lie upon him.  As soon as he had enough breath to do so, he pulled her lips up to his in a long, deep kiss.

"No fair," he said.  "You didn't give me a chance to reciprocate."

Egeria smiled.  "I am terribly sorry.  My desire for you overcame me."  Seeing something flicker in his eyes, she suddenly recalled when she said almost the same thing to him: the night that she accidentally used her Nish'ta'el on him.  Horrified, she cried, "Oh, Daniel, I am so sorry!"

She started to move off him, but he caught hold of her and gathered her close, shaking his head.

"No.  It's all right, Egeria.  What happened that night stopped hurting a very long time ago.  It doesn't bother me."  He laid his hand on her cheek and looked deeply into her eyes.  "I don't want it to bother you either."

"But it does, Daniel.  One of the greatest regrets of my life was the way I hurt you."

Daniel gently pulled her down to lie beside him, turning onto his side to face her.  "Egeria, listen to me.  Yes, it hurt when it happened, especially when I thought you did it deliberately, but it is in the past.  I forgave you years ago.  It's time that you forgive yourself.  I love you, and I don't want you to keep feeling that guilt."

Tears pooled in Egeria's eyes.  Daniel kissed them away, not wanting her to cry.

"I love you," he said again, this time in a whisper.  He kissed her forehead, then her cheeks, then two more kisses on her eyelids.  His lips descended her neck to her shoulder and collar bone, then down to the swell of her breasts.  Egeria's eyes slid shut with pleasure as he gently took a nipple into his mouth, the tip of his tongue circling it.  Pushing her onto her back, he navigated to the mound of the other one.  He lightly teased the nipple with his tongue before encircling it with his lips.

Egeria was in heaven, his slow, purposeful attention to her body making her feel more loved than she had ever thought possible.  As his mouth moved down further, she began to tremble, the touch of his lips on her stomach making her breath hitch.  And then he went lower.  Even as she realized what he was about to do, he was already there.  She cried out as his mouth pleasured her in ways that no other man's ever had.  Her hands clutched at the sheet, her hips jerking upward, eyes clamped shut.  Within mere moments, she was soaring upward, a cry that was nearly a scream pulled from her lips.

Once it was over, Daniel moved back up to watch her recover.

At last, her eyes opened.  She stared at him, looking a little stunned.  "No man has ever before done such a thing to me."

Knowing what he did about Ancient Rome's taboos about oral sex, that didn't surprise Daniel.  Those taboos probably carried over onto Estrania as well.

"It was . . . glorious," Egeria said.

A grin came to Daniel's lips.  "Well, I'll have to do it again sometime."

Egeria also smiled.  "Yes, and I will have to . . . reciprocate."

Just the thought of that reciprocation had Daniel's temperature rising.  That, unfortunately, would have to wait for another time.  He was going to need some time to recover.

Daniel wished that he didn't have to go to work in the morning so that he could spend the whole day with Egeria.  He glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost three a.m.  He really should get some more sleep, but he didn't want to sleep.  He wanted to lie here and soak in this feeling of being here with Egeria in his arms.  He began to stroke his hand up and down her back slowly and softly.  She sighed in contentment at the touch and laid her head on his chest.

"I cannot help but think of how my life would be if I had chosen to resume my place as the Tok'ra queen.  By now, I would have spawned several hundred children and would have begun the task of teaching them.  But I would have been doing so as a woman with a broken heart."

Daniel stopped stroking her back and wrapped his arms tighter around her.

"There are some who would say that I was a fool for giving up a life span of two thousand years or more, but what good would all those years have been if there had been no joy in my life?  My life would have been spawning and teaching my children.  There would have been nothing more for me, nothing to fill the void in my heart that saying goodbye to you would have created."

"Don't think about it, Egeria," Daniel told her.  "You chose not to accept that life."  He tilted her face up and met her eyes.  "You chose me instead, and I can't tell you how happy I am that you did."

She pulled his mouth down to hers in a gentle kiss.

"I don't want to go to work today," he murmured against her lips.

"Then do not.  From what I have heard, you often work on the days you are supposed to take off."  Egeria smiled and began toying with one of his nipples.  "I do not think that it would do any harm for you to stay home today."

As Egeria's fingers were replaced by her mouth, which began to suck on the little nub, Daniel let out a moan.  He started to wonder if he'd be in any fit condition to take Egeria on that date he had planned, something he still fully intended to do.

Knowing that it was still far too soon to have any hope of this going all the way, Daniel rolled Egeria underneath him and captured her mouth in a deep kiss.

"I'm thinking, Egeria, that, if I'm going to be taking the day off, we should probably get some more sleep.  I suspect that we're going to need it."

A little smile curved Egeria's lips.  "I do believe that you are right, my Daniel."

Grinning, the archeologist kissed her again, then rolled onto his back.  As Egeria settled back in her place beside him, he sighed happily and closed his eyes.  It did not take long for both of them to fall asleep.

When Daniel awoke again, sunlight was streaming in through the curtains.  He turned his head and found Egeria staring at him, an expression of pure joy on her face.

"Good morning," Daniel murmured, caressing her cheek.

Egeria smiled.  "No better morning could there be.  I am over four thousand years old, and yet I can say that, out of all those years, this is the happiest morning of my life."

Returning her smile, Daniel kissed her slowly and deeply.  Just then, his stomach growled quite loudly, making them both laugh.

Egeria slid her hand down to it.  "I believe that it is demanding your attention, my Daniel.  We must not neglect it.  Have you any food for breakfast?"

"I have eggs, cheese and some canned mushrooms, so we can make omelettes."

"I would make them for you, but I do not know how.  You will have to teach me how to cook so that I can do so for you."

The idea of the woman who used to be the queen of the Tok'ra turning domestic and doing things like cooking and cleaning made him grin.

"I'm afraid that I'm not that great a cook," he told her.  "Oh, I get by, but Julia Child I'm not."

"Julia Child?"

"A famous chef."

"Ah.  Well, you know far more about cooking than I do.  Both of my hosts knew how to cook, of course, but I never bothered gaining that knowledge from them."

"No, I should imagine that cooking wasn't something that Queen Egeria ever even considered doing."

When Daniel's stomach growled yet again, they both smiled.

"I guess it isn't going to leave me alone until I feed it," the archeologist said.  "I'm going to take a shower first, though.  Do you need to use the bathroom?"

"No, I am fine."

Daniel threw back the covers and got out of bed.  He could feel Egeria's eyes on him, but he didn't dare turn around.  He knew that if he did and saw the look that was probably in those eyes, neither one of them would be eating breakfast any time soon.

He made his shower a quick one.  He came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.  Egeria, who was still in the bed, smiled upon seeing him.  And then she did something that had him halting dead in his tracks.  She slipped out of the bed and very slowly walked up to him.  His respiration immediately quickening, he ran his gaze over her beautiful, naked body.

Egeria came all the way up to him.  She placed her hands on his stomach, then drew them slowly upward, passing over his chest, then his shoulders and upper arms.

"I do believe, my Daniel, that if the artist who sculpted your statues saw you now, he would feel no need to take liberties with their musculature," Egeria murmured in a husky voice.

Before Daniel could reply, she ran her hands back down his body and very purposefully released the towel, which fell to the floor.  She continued moving her gaze down his body, smiling upon seeing the effect she was having on him.  She took the final step forward and pressed herself against him.

"I am hungry, too, Daniel," she said in a deep voice, "but it is not for food."

Daniel's control snapped.  He lifted her up, spun around and pressed her up against the wall, his mouth crashing down upon hers.  It took only moments for them to bring each other to full arousal.  With a groan, Daniel plunged into her.  Rocking into her again and again, he felt himself very quickly approaching climax.  She was rising on the tide just as quickly, her small cries gaining volume.  And then she was coming, liquid fire flowing through her body.  Daniel managed three more thrusts, then he was coming as well.

As their climaxes came to an end, neither of them moved for a while.  Daniel's legs were shaking, and he was afraid they'd find themselves in a heap on the floor if he didn't sit down soon.  Pushing away from the wall, he made it over to the bed.  Instead of sitting, he fell back upon it, Egeria landing on top of him.

"At this rate, I may not survive till the end of the day," he said as his breathing slowed.

Egeria lifted up on her elbows and looked down at him.  "Do not worry, Daniel.  I will allow you sufficient time to recover before my hunger overwhelms me again."

"Oh, you will, huh?  Well, I appreciate that."

He climbed off the bed and got to his feet.  He found his boxers and slipped them on.  He then smiled over his shoulder at her where she lay on the bed watching him.

"Come on.  It's time to feed that other hunger.  I'm starving."

Grabbing his T-shirt, he donned it as he headed to the kitchen.  He was in the process of beating the eggs when Egeria joined him.  He saw that she was wearing his robe.  It swam on her, and she looked just so cute that he had to kiss her.

"I'll call the base after breakfast," he told her.  "Of course, you do realize that, once Jack, Sam and Teal'c find out I took the day off, then discover that you aren't there either, they're all going to know what's going on."  That's when he remembered something.  "Wait a minute.  Weren't you going to be staying at Sam's again last night?"

Egeria smiled.  "That, my dear Daniel, was just part of my plan.  Samantha was quite willing to help me."

The archeologist halted what he was doing and stared at her.  "Are you saying that Sam was in on your plan to come over here and seduce me?"

"Yes.  I could not have done it without her.  I needed someplace to change.  She also gave me a key so that I could get in if the door was locked."

Daniel started to blush.  "Oh, God.  How am I going to look in her eyes when I know what she's going to be thinking?"

"She will be thinking that you look like you are very happy."

Daniel wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close.  "Yes, probably the whole base will see that.  I won't be able to keep myself from grinning like an idiot all day tomorrow."

Egeria watched Daniel closely throughout the process of making the omelettes, wanting to learn how to make them herself.  He showed her how to use the toaster, and she toasted then buttered the bread, topping the slices with a bit of jam.

As they ate, Daniel couldn't stop his gaze from going often to the woman sitting across from him.  The thought came to his mind that he would love it if she lived there with him.  Then they could have breakfast like this every morning.  He knew that it was way too soon to be thinking about things like that, but it was a pleasant thought anyway.

Once the food was gone and the dishes rinsed off, Daniel made the call to the base.  For obvious reasons, he didn't explain why he was taking the day off, merely saying that it was for personal reasons.

The moment he hung up the phone, Egeria grabbed his hand and began tugging him toward the bedroom.

"Are you fully recovered yet?" she asked with a smile as they reached the room.  She pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him, the robe falling open to reveal her body to his gaze.

"I guess we're going to find out," Daniel replied as he yanked her mouth down to his.  They soon discovered that he was, indeed, sufficiently recovered.

Egeria kept her promise of letting Daniel recover between bouts of lovemaking, though, sometimes, it was just barely.  She was ravenous for him, all the centuries of wanting something she had believed she could never have making her desire for him insatiable.

As for Daniel, he was desperately wishing that he was around ten years younger.  He was extremely glad that he was in good physical condition and didn't have a weak heart since, as many times as Egeria sent his heart rate and blood pressure up that morning and afternoon, he'd have surely keeled over from a heart attack if the pump in his chest wasn't in good working order.

It was five o'clock when he told her that he still planned on taking her out on a date that night.

"Dinner and dancing?" she asked with a smile.


"Shall I wear my red dress again?"

"Absolutely not.  You'll have every man in the place lusting after you."

Egeria smiled at the comment.  "Then I guess it is a good thing that I brought another dress with me."

"You did?  Where is it?"

"In a bag near the front door."

"I didn't even notice it."

Egeria ran a fingertip over his chest.  "Well, I have been keeping you quite busy today."

The archeologist chuckled and kissed her.  "Yes, you have."

Daniel got ready for the date first.  He was then banned from the bedroom and bathroom as Egeria got ready.  He was flipping through a magazine when he heard her come out.  He looked up, and the breath whooshed right out of him.  She was wearing the green dress, the dress that had made both his body and heart ache for her when he first saw it on her.  This time, she was also wearing the black shoes and had piled her long black hair high on her head.

He got to his feet and stared at her.  "You are so beautiful," he murmured huskily.  "The red dress is gorgeous and really sexy, but that one . . ." he smiled, "that one makes you look like a goddess."

Egeria came toward him with a smile.  She caressed his cheek.  "If I am a goddess, Daniel, then you are most surely a god."

Daniel let out a little snort.  "Hardly.  I am just a mere mortal held in thrall by you."

"Oh, not so, my Daniel, for I, too, am held in thrall, and no goddess would be so utterly enthralled by a mere mortal."

Letting out a little laugh, Daniel held out his arm for her to take.  "Well, in that case, shall we go to dinner, my goddess?  This god is getting hungry."

Daniel and Egeria both enjoyed dinner very much, spending much of it talking.  The dark-haired woman's eyes had gone often to the couples dancing, studying their movements.  She wanted very much to learn how to dance so that she could do so with Daniel.

She was looking that way when Daniel got to his feet and held his hand out to her.

"Dance?" he asked softly.

He took her out onto the dance floor and wrapped an arm around her waist loosely, the other taking her hand.  Slowly, they started to move, Daniel instructing Egeria in a low voice.  She was hesitant and nervous at the start, but then the feeling of swaying in time to the music with Daniel so close to her made the nervousness fade away.  She began to enjoy herself, her movements growing more confident.  Seeing this, Daniel started moving them around the dance floor a bit.  After a while, he let go of her hand, and his arm joined the other one around her waist, pulling her closer.  Both of her arms lifted to encircle his neck.

Daniel pressed a kiss to her forehead, then one to her cheek.

"I love you," he whispered.

Egeria ran her fingers through his hair and pressed her cheek against his.  "And I love you."

They danced through three more songs before returning to their table, where they ordered dessert.  Egeria had lots of fun feeding Daniel pieces of her chocolate truffle cake as he did the same with his strawberry cheesecake, a dessert that Egeria instantly decided that she liked just as much as chocolate.

After leaving the restaurant, Daniel drove Egeria up to a lookout point, one that he knew was popular with lovers.  It being a weekday night, they had the place to themselves.  From their place on the hood of Daniel's SUV, they looked down at the city lights of Colorado Springs.

"I could not have imagined that I would ever be so happy," Egeria said.  She looked at the man beside her.  "You have given me so much joy."

"You've done the same for me, Egeria.  Before I got you back, I could probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times since Sha're was taken that I felt anything that I could call joy.  And, now, for the first time in a really long time, I'm looking forward to each day."

Egeria drew his lips down to hers in a soft kiss.  She gave a little shiver as a cool breeze kicked up.

"Are you cold?" Daniel asked.

"A little."

"Come on, then.  Let's go back home."

Egeria smiled upon hearing him say that, as if it was not just his home, but hers as well.  She would have to see about bringing some of her clothes over there so that she would have things to wear when she stayed the night.

Back at Daniel's place, Egeria told Daniel to get ready for bed.  She then grabbed the bag that she'd brought with her and, with a mysterious smile, went into the bathroom.

Eager to see what she was putting on, Daniel stripped down to his boxers and got in bed, propping his back up with pillows.  He'd been there for just a few minutes when Egeria came back out.

Daniel's breath drew in sharply upon seeing what she was wearing.  It was a sheer white open cup babydoll and matching g-string, neither of which did much in the way of covering anything.

She slowly approached the bed, giving him plenty of time to stare at her body and for his arousal to shoot upward.  She then climbed onto his lap.

"Does it please you, my Daniel?" Egeria asked in a sexy voice.  His answer was to take her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss.

It was not long before Daniel's hands were inside the babydoll.  Wanting there to be nothing between those hands and her skin, Egeria pulled the item of clothing over her head, and it went flying across the room.  Rising on her knees, she took hold of Daniel's head and pulled it to one of the aching peaks.  He took it into his mouth eagerly, a hand attending to the other one.

Throwing her head back in blissful abandon, Egeria rocked against him, crying out as Daniel's other hand went inside her g-string and began to stroke her.  And then two of his fingers slipped inside her and began to pump in and out.  He curled his fingers forward, seeking a particular spot.  He knew when he'd found it.  Egeria let out a loud cry.  And then her whole body stiffened, wracked by tremors.  Daniel watched her come, thinking that there could not be a more beautiful sight.

Egeria collapsed upon him, lungs struggling for air.  Once she had recovered a bit, she looked at him a little wide-eyed.

"What did you do?  That was unlike any other time I have climaxed."

"It's called the Gräfenberg Spot, G-spot for short.  It isn't easy to find, but I, uh, did a lot of practicing with Sha're."

"It is amazing."  Egeria could feel the hard bulge pressing against her and smiled.  "And, now, my Daniel, I believe it is your turn."

With those words, she reached into his boxers and drew him out.  She began to kiss her way down his body.  Knowing what she was about to do, Daniel felt his heart begin racing like crazy.  When she wrapped her hand around him, he let out a moan.  The moan became a cry as her mouth took him in.

It took a ridiculously short time for Egeria to bring Daniel to the point where he felt like he was going to explode.  Seeing how close he was, she climbed back up.  Dispensing with the g-string and pulling Daniel's boxers down, she aligned herself, then pushed down with all her weight, burying him deep inside.  Groaning, Daniel clutched at her.

They immediately began rocking hard against each other.  So close to the edge already, Daniel was soon hurling over it.  Egeria watched him reach climax, glorying in the fact that it was she who was bringing him such pleasure.

They just sat and held each other for a long time as Daniel's breathing gradually slowed.

"I believe I am going to quite enjoy seeing your reaction to all the other lingerie I purchased," Egeria said.

The comment made Daniel start to laugh.  He cupped Egeria's face in his hands and kissed her.

"God, I love you," he said with intense emotion, feeling like his heart was going to burst with happiness.

Egeria smiled into his eyes and caressed his face.  "No more than I love you, my Daniel."

They shared another kiss, then Egeria got off his lap.  Daniel used the bathroom, then, leaving his boxers behind, crawled into the bed with Egeria.  It did not take long for her to fall asleep.

As Daniel lay staring into the dark, Egeria's sleeping form close beside him, he made a wish that every day could be as happy as this one.  He knew it was a wish that could not come true, but he hoped that, now that Egeria was in his life, each day would have many moments of happiness.

As it turned out, Daniel was right about him grinning like an idiot at work the next day.  He didn't have the smile plastered on his face all the time, but whenever he thought about the events of the previous day, out it came.

He and Egeria had eaten breakfast at his place, so, as of ten a.m., Daniel hadn't seen any of his teammates yet.  That changed fifteen minutes later when Jack walked in.

"So, have a nice day off?" the grey-haired man asked with the slightest of smirks.

"Yes, I did, and, to answer your next question, so did Egeria."

"Finally took her out on that date?"

"I did."

Jack studied Daniel's bland expression.  It was pretty obvious that the guy wasn't going to volunteer any more information than was necessary.  But Jack already had a pretty good idea what some of yesterday's activities had been.  When he learned that Daniel had taken the day off and that Egeria never came back to the base, Jack had no doubt of what was going on.  Knowing that Egeria was supposed to have been spending the night at Sam's, he asked her if she knew anything.  She clammed up tight, and nothing he said would get her to talk, still more evidence to support his theory.

"Well, I'm glad that you two finally got together," Jack said.  "Maybe now that you have a woman in your life, you'll do something about those god-awful masks in your bedroom."

Daniel frowned.  "What's wrong with the masks?"

"Are you kidding me?  If I woke up in the middle of the night and saw those things staring at me, I'd probably have heart failure.  I know they'd give me nightmares."

"They haven't given me nightmares, so I guess that's what counts."

"And what about Egeria?"

The tiniest of smiles curved Daniel's lips as he recognized the question for what it was.  Jack was fishing.

"What about Egeria?" the archeologist answered, his tone and voice the very soul of innocence.

Jack stared at him narrowly.  "You're not going to give me even the teeniest morsel, are you."


"Fine.  You don't have to anyway.  I already have a good idea what you two were up to yesterday."

Daniel turned back to his computer.  "Well, then I guess there's nothing more to discuss on that subject, is there."

"I suppose not.  And since there's nothing else I can think of to talk about at the moment, I'll be toddling along."

"See you later, Jack."

Daniel waited until he was certain that Jack was really gone before letting the grin out.  The grin got even bigger at the sight of the next person to walk in.  Egeria came right over and plopped down onto his lap.  She took his mouth in an intense kiss.

"Mmm.  I am missing you already," she said.

"Me too."

Egeria smiled.  "Perhaps we can have lunch together in my quarters."  The look in her eyes told Daniel that they probably wouldn't be doing much eating if they did that.

That's when Daniel realized that they were going to have to set some ground rules.  He said so to Egeria.

"Ground rules?" she questioned.

"What we can and cannot do during working hours, and I'm afraid that no sex is going to have to be one of the rules."

"I do agree that, when we are supposed to be working, we should not be engaged in such activities, but, surely, what we do on our break time for meals is up to us."  She began teasing one of his nipples through his T-shirt.  "Is it not?"

Daniel thought about that.  Seeing as they were both civilians, and the base was actually Egeria's home, engaging in "such activities" during break times might not be breaking any rules if it was done in either her quarters or his.  He didn't know that for sure, though, and he certainly wasn't going to ask if it was.  Regardless, he knew that he really should stand firm to a no sex during working hours rule.  It would be the safest and most prudent thing to do.

He was just about to say that when one of Egeria's hands got under his shirt, and she scraped her fingernails lightly over his ribs, her other hand surreptitiously going to his crotch.  Her touch there made him gasp.

"You're not going to take no for an answer, are you," he guessed.

Egeria smiled.  "What makes you say that, my Daniel?" she asked as she continued what she was doing.

Unable to take it anymore, he grabbed her hands and pulled them away from his body, oh so close to giving into her.  "Is this some new form of torture?  Because I have to say that it's way more effective than painsticks."

Egeria did not respond, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

Daniel was a hair's breath away from saying yes.  Instead, he said, "I may change my answer in the future, but I have to stick with no for now.  Jack was already here trying to pry information from me about what you and I were doing yesterday.  If we don't show up in the commissary for lunch, and he finds out from someone where we were, he's going to know that we weren't eating in there, and I really don't feel like having to suffer through the smirk that will be on his face."

Egeria sighed.  "Yes, I suppose that you are right."  She got off his lap.  "I will see you for lunch in the commissary, then?"

"I'll be there."

After she was gone, Daniel sagged in his chair.  Damn.  Faced with stubborn colonels, murderous Goa'uld, brutal torture, and other such things, and he didn't budge an inch, his will power holding firm.  Faced with one lone female who knew exactly how to touch him to elicit the most pleasure, and he nearly crumpled like a wet noodle.  How pathetic was that?  Then again, considering the method of "torture" used this time, was it any wonder?

With a little smile on his face, Daniel got back to work.

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