With a gasping moan, Sam let Daniel in.  Groaning, Daniel dove into the heated cavern of Sam's mouth.  Consumed with hunger, he and Sam searched each other's mouths deeply, their self-control vanishing in the conflagration that was raging inside them.  Hands began caressing, seeking, clothing suddenly proving to be a barrier than neither of them wanted.  Daniel's top was the first article of clothing to hit the floor, soon followed by Sam's.

A moan was torn from Sam's throat as Daniel's hand covered her breast, his mouth descending to her neck.  He lay her down on the couch, his body coming to rest on top of her.  He found the front catch of her bra and opened it, pushing the material aside.  His fingers went to her right breast.  Moments later, his mouth descended upon it.

"Oh, God, Daniel," Sam gasped, arching upward.

With fumbling hands, Daniel pulled Sam's shoes off, then reached for the closure of her pants as his mouth traveled further down her body.  Sam's respiration and heart rate increased even more as he undid the button and pulled down the zipper while his lips and tongue did all kinds of wonderful things to the soft expanse of her stomach.  He tugged at the waistband of her pants.  Sam lifted her hips so that he could get them off.

In a flurry of movement, the jeans joined their tops on the floor.  Daniel pulled off Sam's bra, his mouth returning to her breasts at the same time as one of his hands slid southward.  Sam cried aloud, bucking up against him.  Her hands flew to his pants, unfastening them with frantic haste.  She pushed them and his boxers down as far as she could.  Daniel quickly got them off the rest of the way.  He reached for her underpants, and, soon, they, too, were gone.

Daniel and Sam both moaned as he laid back down upon her, their naked skin flushed with heat.  Unable to wait a second longer, they joined their bodies together.  Twin cries echoed through the room.  Gasping at the overwhelming feeling, they stared at each other intently for a brief instant.  Then Daniel began to move, and Sam's eyes slid shut at the sweet rapture of it.

The experience of making love with Sam quickly overpowered Daniel.  He could never remember being so lost in this feeling before, the sensations so strong that it drove him to lose all semblance of control.

Sam threw her head back with another cry as the tempo of their lovemaking increased.  She could feel her ecstasy rising, climbing rapidly toward its peak like a rocket blazing a fiery trail heavenward.  At that moment, Daniel's mouth descended upon her breast again.  With a muted scream, Sam climaxed.  The sensation drove him over the edge, and, with a shout, he reached his peak with her.

For a small slice of eternity, Daniel and Sam were immersed in the wild, consuming fire of the ultimate ecstasy.  It seemed to last forever, yet not nearly long enough.  At last, the fire dimmed, leaving behind a wondrous, glowing feeling of joy and contentment.

Drawing in deep gasps of air, Daniel and Sam lay still, unable to move.  It was a full minute before the archeologist lifted his head and met Sam's eyes.  He was afraid that he would see regret there.  Instead, he saw an expression of wonder and what he wanted to believe was happiness.

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