Stargate Horizons

Guarding Pandora's Box
by Maureen Thayer

Categories: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama
Rating: PG
Content Warning: Mild Profanity, Violence
Spoilers: Stargate Movie, In the Line of Duty, Need, Touchstone, Forever in a Day, Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know, Shades of Grey, New Ground, Absolute Power

Author's Note: The main reason I wrote this story is that every tag I've read for Absolute Power claimed that what Daniel did in the dream was at least partly due to the evil in his own soul. The episode made it clear that is not what happened, that the things Daniel did were because of the evil inherent in the Goa'uld genetic memory. I originally intended for this to be a short Hurt/Comfort story, but then I got to thinking about something that, like so many other things, was never followed up in the series.

Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3

Chapter 4     Chapter 5     Chapter 6

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