Important: What you can post in this forum

Come here for discussions about Stargate Atlantis' characters, episodes and more.

Important: What you can post in this forum

Postby MaureenT on Sat Nov 29, 2008 4:20 pm

What You Can Post in this Forum:

  • Comments, questions, etc. about Stargate Atlantis characters, episodes, and movies.
  • Comments, questions, etc. about episodes of Stargate SG-1 in which a cast member of Atlantis guest starred.
Though it's all right to post some negative comments about a particular episode or movie, it is not all right to go on at length about how much you hate this or that. It's also not okay to bash any of the characters. I understand that some people don't like certain characters, and it's all right to state that, but no bashing please.

If your comments include spoilers for any episode in the last season of Atlantis or the upcoming Atlantis movie, please be kind to those who don't like spoilers and post a warning. Spoiler spaces are not necessary.

Out of consideration for those who may not share your romantic pairing preferences, please limit all discussions to gen (no romance) topics. I believe that's the best way to maintain a friendly environment that everyone can enjoy.

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