blueprints and stuff

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blueprints and stuff

Postby AlexMcpherson on Wed Feb 04, 2009 7:04 am

Starting a bit of a, well, ambitious project. Er, yeah.

Be warned - the image is a full-color .bmp image at 1280x720 (High-Def resolution).
Just to give you an idea of the 'holy crap thatll be huge when it's finished'.

1 square - 9 pixels, 1 pixel between next square.
5x5 squares = 1m.
10x10 suqares = 2m.

Basicaly,, its like a, cross-section, of a corridor, as viewed from above (for the bottom part, as though the upper half is 'cut off' and vice-versa), below, to the side, and straight on. also includes the bits where there's doors, like crew-quarters for the small, or cargo-bays for the larger.
the little, shapey thing above the corridor-crosssection (-with the large white spot in the middle-) was going to be a cross-section of those jefferies tubes' that we got a glimpse of in Grace.
Will be working on 45-degree turns.

Those 2 rows of things with the light-like things on are the grating, while the darker one is the roof. I disliked the startrek corridor designer dudes' like for large white light-producing roofs. It's sort of a cross between the Star Trek Voyager corridors, and the Prometheus ones.

Anyway gtg so I'll post it real quick-like.
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