Duties of a First Prime

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Duties of a First Prime

Postby AlexMcpherson on Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:46 am

Had this thought. Teal'c was a first prime, and his 'boss', his only boss, was Apophis. He worked his way up the ranks, apprenticed to bra'tac and all that, then got that job.

So beyond being in battles, choosing hosts for Goa'uld within Apophis' domain, etc, what did he do? what do First Primes do? At the head of a system lords' armies, how much responsibility is placed on their shoulders directly?

I mean, Say Apophis orders teal'c, "Conquer this planet..." is it up to teal'c to just send waves of jaffa? Or do proper planning for best results/fewest casualties? Would the Goa'ulds be so demanding that when they suceed its purely because of luck?

We know there are the really bad goa'ulds out there, but then there are the *tricky* ones. Anubis for instance, he was, I guess, a planning goa'uld.

How many other Goa'ulds out there were that kind of ruler? What other kinds were there?

Surely, one of them was the kind that just gave the simple order, and expected his 'minions of doom' to carry out those orders however they see fit, and let them do so in their own way, be it sending large forces, or smaller strike teams, etc.

Which brings me back to the question, just how much is on the First Primes' shoulders? How much do they not delegate, and take on themselves?

Just a thought I had.
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