Dreams that are annoying me... What if question.

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Dreams that are annoying me... What if question.

Postby AlexMcpherson on Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:41 pm

okay, the fact that the detail with which I've been dreaming it in my case is, well brilliant yet disturbing.


These dreams started ages ago when a question had been posed to me.

If I could go to Sg-1's reality anywhere and anytime, what would I do and why?

It was originally a "which planet would you visit?" and "who would you meet" but in my dreams it became a reality-traveler-who-knows-lots-of-stuff-about-their-future thing where I started nudging things so Janet didn't die, the Asgard got a whole lot more than just an energy gun from Jack in New Order, and it was harder for Anubis to get down to Earth cuz the drones went to destroy any large piece of debris (and nudge smaller ones away from earth in the process)

But it wasn't around Heroes that I picked as when I appear.

And they said nothing about 'oh and you can't take personal items with you'.

I had a big rucksack full of stuff of the clothes variety, along with some moving boxes taped shut carrying my star trek book collection, and...

SG-1 DVD's. (a few others for my personal pleasure, Taken, Firefly, BSG remake, etc)
SG-1 from CotG through to Continuum.

and I appeared... Season 5.
Before the Summit/Last Stand episodes.


and in typical male fashion, it started including *ahem* certain subject matters that i really.. well i won't say "I really didn't want" since now, it's, well, nice. but it's weird, and as I said, disturbing.

Bringing me to my point of posting this here...

Each of you lot, in the vain/vane/vein as teh question had been posed to me, where and when in the SG-1 timeline?
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