Prometheus and Daedalus sizes

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Prometheus and Daedalus sizes

Postby AlexMcpherson on Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:00 am

Okay so apparently, the Prometheus and Daedalus were actually in the 500-650 metre range, with the Daedalus being the same size L/H as Star Trek's Sovereign-class Enterprise E. there's a video on youtube by Trekyards (just search trekyards daedalus and itll come up) where they show side and top views for comparison)

The hanger pods of the Daedalus then are the size of aircraft carriers, rather than the sub-100 metres that the DVD collection would have you believe given the '225m' figure they use.

To reiterate: 650 metres, a ship with a crew of 200.
It's damn near the size of the Galaxy Class for cryin out loud.
And FASTER (Earth to Atlantis in under 3 weeks, approx 3 million LY).

What was any if you guys' thoughts on how big vs what the wiki/DVD collection says? (The wikia consciously continues to use the DVD collection despite knowing about how Joe Mellozi posted these details to the SG subreddit)
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