interesting concept...

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interesting concept...

Postby AlexMcpherson on Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:37 am

anyone here disagree with this?

this is the very start of a story.
You Can’t Go Home Again

Advanced species would say that thunder is impossible in space. And yet, had they seen one particular anomaly, they’d have heard it. Not all sound is created through the interaction of atoms against other atoms, pushing like waves on the surface of water in a chaotic yet ordered manner. It is the advanced species’ that believe this, to be sound. It is not, it is infact what it says – the interaction of atoms against one another. Sound is the perception, not the action.

Just as Some creatures sense magnetic fields, others the air currents, and yet more vibrations through the ground. Well, what would they say that last one was, but a different take on the concept of perceiving on a conscious level the interaction of atoms in that particular manner?

There is, perhaps, three advanced races who would not say ‘thunder’ is impossible in space. In space, there are more than just a lack of atoms interacting that can be perceived as sound. Photons – light, travel at, well, light speed. Our eyes perceive it as an image, Others perceive sound as an image. So why not perceiving light as something other than sound?

To some of the less-intelligent species throughout the universe that perceive in this way, if any ‘heard’ this and could speak as we do, they would say that yes, thunder is possible in space.

Thunder isn’t just caused by the extremely-rapid movement of atoms moving apart to allow huge quantities of electrons to pass and then movement back into place – banging into one another in the process. We perceive that as thunder, but any who had been near a waterfall would also say that the noise of all that water falling into the already-gathered water below was also thunder.

So the anomaly that put out light in a similar manner, well, those species would call it thunderously loud.

In the grand scheme of things, those who do not ‘hear’ light however, would have ignored such an anomaly. It was not the first space object that put out all that rubbish, indeed, many pulsars and other such objects, suns among them, would be said to be louder.

So it would be a surprise to learn that this anomaly gathered the attention of one of the 4 great races, the only one of the three that would indeed claim thunder to be impossible in that vastness of emptiness.
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