turning Point Trequal.

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turning Point Trequal.

Postby AlexMcpherson on Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:12 pm

or whatever the proper word is for the 'third in a trilogy'.

ideas anyone? be silly or serious.

my own suggestion: the Langara ep with Jonas' sort-of return. He's influenced that goa'uld, only with Egeria on earth at the time, and later on learning about things, asks to meet her (although suggesting herself, that she doesnt tell the goauld who she is.)
The meeting happens, and she's surprised at how close the symbiote is to being that, rather than parasitical, although 'communing with her host' stays internal, she wouldnt think about letting her host have control. The former came about after she realised her host was glad she was helping them by giving some level of goa'uld technology...

the pair get chatting, and she's also sort-of surprised at the feelings the symbiote has for Jonas... And subtly makes comments and the like. later on, she tells Sg-1 (minus jonas) that the symbiote is rather close in personality evolution as to what she had been when she first met Daniel, all those years ago. In talking with the Tok'ra she had found out only a few other symbiotes had similar personalities and gone turncoat on the Goa'uld. Essentially, rare but not unheard of among her children, but news to herself.
Daniel points out that she herself was, close, when they met, and it was not through others trying to make her that way (until he guided her that is) so it is natural to hope that in those two thousand years hence, one or two would have been the same, albethey not queens but normal symbiotes....


anyone else agree on this? afterall, that goa'uld did kinda trigger most of the talk about what became TP in the first place.
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Re: turning Point Trequal.

Postby MaureenT on Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:33 pm

That's a very interesting idea, Alex. If there is a third story -- and that is a big if, so don't get your heart set too much on it -- it will not revolve around any one episode. It will, in fact, focus primarily on things that happen as a result of a major AU twist that will be coming up in TP:D. I won't say that Kianna would not be in it, but, if she is, it would be just as a side story, not the main plotline.
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