What if... Instead of Hank Landry...

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What if... Instead of Hank Landry...

Postby AlexMcpherson on Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:49 pm

When Jack is promoted out of the SGC, Instead of Gen. Landry, the IOA decides it actually is time a civilian is given command of the SGC... only, one who knows the risks and rewards equally, etc etc... And Jack suggests Daniel.

The fic would be through the eyes of Col Mitchell, newly assigned lead of SG-1, which no longer exists. Basically its right at the start of season 8, and how different it would be with Daniel too busy running the SGC to actually go ahead with all that stuff that leads to the Ori... Mitchell tries to talk daniel into stepping down and returning to SG-1, but it doesnt work. on account that in running the SGC, Daniel actually gets MORE time to be an archeologist, than being a member of SG-1, where a lot of missions run on for days, and much of them weren't even his kind of mission, but combat and stealth and the tokra needed the team again kind of missions.

Mitchell is surprised that, even though he's got the 'admire' view of Daniel, that it is not actually a rare view of Daniel among the military both within and outside of the SGC. (Something I liked being pointed out in fics for the circa season 4-onward area, and must have for season 7-onward.)
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