Random Things: Continuation Thread from NSB: CH7 Reviews

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Random Things: Continuation Thread from NSB: CH7 Reviews

Postby Spyridon on Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:31 pm

Talking about laughing from the thread before, I usually Fudge.

Which kind of leads me to another thought where I was talking with my teacher/mentor/teacher friend? about things. She said something and I replied with 'it will come to bite me back in the bumper'. I don't know how it was funny but she was taking a sip of her juice when it kind of came out her nose as she started laughing. :o

Random though, I know.

Maureen, what's your take on the HP pairings?

PS, let's use this thread for random thoughts. Let's see where it takes us. My stupid I button isn't working. :evil:

PSS: Maureen TEASE!
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Re: Random Things: Continuation Thread from NSB: CH7 Reviews

Postby MaureenT on Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:16 pm

Spyridon wrote:Maureen, what's your take on the HP pairings?

I already gave you an idea on what I think of the Ron/Hermione pairing. I simply cannot understand how a girl as brave, intelligent and confident as Hermione would have a romantic interest in a guy who so often acts like a whiny, cowardly idiot. My apologies to any Ron fans out there, but that's how I see him.

Other than that, I really can't give an informed opinion on the pairings because I've never read the books. I've only seen the movies. I will say that when I heard that Harry is paired with Ginny in the books, I said, "Who's Ginny?" At that point, her role in the movies was virtually nonexistent, so I didn't even know that she was Ron's sister, although I suppose she was introduced in the first one. I will also say that, before I learned the truth, I thought that, if anyone one would become a couple, it would be Harry and Hermione since he was the leading guy and she was the leading girl, and they seemed to be developing an affection for each other. I was totally shocked when I learned that Hermione would be paired with Ron. I just could not see that at all.

That's really all I have to say, except that JKR seems to suffer from the same lack of logic and common sense that Rob Cooper does when it comes to romantic pairings, at least in regard to Ron and Hermione.

Spyridon wrote:PSS: Maureen TEASE!

Yes, I know. I'm shameless. :D
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