6 Years On

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6 Years On

Postby AlexMcpherson on Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:54 am

Just getting back into Stargate (starting a rewatch of the best episodes - So far into Season 5)...

And I can't help but ponder various ideas once more. And I'm still not much of a fan of Jack/Sam. Go Figure ;)

So. It's been 6 years. Over 8 since Turning Point: Divergence (damn!). Almost Eight years since the last Autumn' chapter. and Ten and a half years since the end of What You Already Know.

For Canon, it's been 7 years since the end of SG:U. (I actually liked Season 2, Season 1 wasn't as... good, but shows do tend to need two to three to get into pace).
9 Since Atlantis.
11 since SG-1.

Christ, more time has passed since the end of SG-1 than passed during its television run.

I... haven't seen Origins. And dont want to. (Apparently Cathrine travelled to Abydos in 1939?! WTF?... spoiler alert. and of course lazy 'she was made to forget'.)

So, what are you guys up to lately?
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