Web site moved and updated

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Web site moved and updated

Postby MaureenT on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:23 pm

The time came to renew my hosting package, but the cost was more than I could afford, so I decided to switch to a different (and cheaper) hosting company, GoDaddy.com, which was already the host for all of my other sites. Unfortunately, after I made the move, I discovered that the existing version of the message board software (phpBB) wasn't compatible with the newer version of PHP that's on the GoDaddy.com server. I'd never done an update of the message board software because all the modifications I've made to the message board would make it a pain in the butt to do. The incompatibility, however, forced my hand.

The update has now been done, and everything seems to be working okay, but I have not done a thorough testing of all functions. If anyone discovers something that's not working right, please let me know.

On an aside, for anyone considering Web hosting, I highly recommend GoDaddy.com. They have some of the best prices, and their tech support people are great -- and actually live in the U.S. rather than India or some other country.
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