About Categories, Forums, Topics & Messages

This forum contains information about how to use some of the features of this message board. If you have questions about how to do something, post them here. Comments and suggestions are also welcome.

About Categories, Forums, Topics & Messages

Postby MaureenT on Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:01 pm

This message board is structured into categories, forums and topics. Categories are the groups that forums are within. Forums are the groups that contain the topics. A Topic, sometimes called a "thread", is a message posted as a new topic. (A reply to a message is not called a topic.) "Message" is a general term for all topics and replies posted in a forum. A message is also often called a "post".

Below are some pictures to help you identify the three different things.

Click on the image to see larger version

Click on the image to see larger version

Both visitors and registered users can read messages, but only registered users are allowed to post new messages (topics) or reply to messages posted by others. To post a new topic, go to the forum you want the topic to appear in and click the NEW TOPIC button. To post a reply to a message, click on the POST REPLY button. All topics, unless they are locked, can be replied to. If you want to quote all or part of the message you're replying to, click on the QUOTE button located in the message. You can quote from the replies of other people as well. It is recommended that you not quote big sections of text.

Immediately above the list of categories, you'll see the following links: "View unanswered posts", "View new posts", "View active topics". The "View new posts" link is particularly useful since it will show you what messages have been posted since you last visited.

To familiarize yourself with this message board, it's recommended that you take a good look around and locate all the various links, buttons, etc. if you are a registered user, go to your User Control Panel and get to know it. The more time you spend learning how to use this message board, the less confused you'll be when you want to do something here. :)
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